Ongoing Initiatives - IP4TEEN Creators

IP4TEEN Creators is a project running between September 2021 and September 2022 and carried out by the University of Alicante with the support of the EUIPO and Ideas Powered. Its objective is to improve the perception of EU youngsters (18-24 years old) about the IP system, using social media as both a communication channel and real-life examples of the relevance of IP in their daily activities and entrepreneurial initiatives. 

In particular, the project aims at increasing youngsters’ awareness regarding IP in social media, at boosting their knowledge on how to benefit from IP in social media and how to make better use of third parties’ creations while respecting their IP rights, and at enhancing knowledge about the use of IP as a means to leverage intangible assets for digital entrepreneurship. 

To that end, we will be producing and delivering IP content and tutorials targeting young European creators in order to present them with real-life situations which they are likely to face within their usual online activities. On the basis of these contents, we will be carrying out a social media campaign targeting young European creators interacting with IP in social media, with a special focus on incipient influencers.

All contents will be developed along four main thematic areas:

  • IP for youtubers
  • IP for instagrammers
  • Your name. Your reputation. Your trade mark
  • Living on the safe side of (social media) copyright

Based on these four thematic areas, we will be producing a set of IP contents comprising:

  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Q&A sessions
  • Blog posts
  • And many short contents which will be available on our social media channels.

All contents will be developed in the course of the project’s 12-month lifespan and will be uploaded progressively on this website.

Past Initiatives - IP4Teen

IP4Teen is a project that was developed from 2019 to 2020 by the University of Alicante with the support of the EUIPO and Ideas Powered. It sought to raise awareness among European teenagers about the value of intellectual property as well as about the risks associated to piracy and the purchase of counterfeits.

To that end, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) was developed, both in Spanish and English, targeting both high school teachers and students from the Master for secondary education teachers from Spanish universities.

This online course is made of very short modules whose content is linked to two main areas of interest for teenagers: the online world (social media, streaming platforms, etc.) and “clout” (term referring to the influence or power of a person in its own community, for example, influencers through new technologies and fashion).

Once current and future teachers have successfully completed this MOOC, they will be able to use the content of the course and apply it in the classroom, which will enable high school students to: 

  • Understand the importance to protect the results stemming from a personal investment in creativity and innovation, as well as the need to protect and respect the creativity of others.
  • Acknowledge the value of originals and of legal sources of digital content.  
  • Identify the risks associated to piracy and counterfeits. 


The IP4Teen online course is composed of 6 modules:

  • IP basics
  • IP in the economy
  • IP and fashion
  • IP and social media
  • IP and electronic devices 
  • IP and digital platforms 

Each of the module comprises a set of introductory tutorials, case studies, infographics and/or videos to facilitate teachers’ learning. Additionally, the course relies on 3 different types of interactive content that can be used by teachers in class in order to provide examples and increase student participation:

  • 4 clicking games
  • One “trade mark cemetery”
  • 2 interactive videos 

The MOOC is still available online and can be accessed for free.